Myra Martino

My name is Myra Martino a native of Niagara Falls New York, born on August 10, 1948, to an Immigrant father, who came to America in 1924 to Ellis island. He lived the American dream working hard to became a successful businessman. 1969 began my teaching career of 35 years along with a cake business that started in 1973. My two oldest children Bernie and Adrienne, following in the footstep of their immigrant grandfather, began their own business, Adrienne and Co Bakery and Café, one of the very best bakeries of southern Indiana and the Tristate.  Soon they approached my husband and I about operating and managing Adrienne an Co Donuts and Dessert Bakery, the second store in a series of establishments. Also eating of the apple that doesn’t fall far from the tree, my two youngest determined and hardworking daughters Elisabeth and Gabrielle have ventured down their own paths.


Dancing has been my passion for years. In college I took several Martha Graham elective dance classes and in high school I even won a twist contest!

My life at 71 is working with the family daily, loving my two grandchildren, Gigi and Rocco, and now performing in Dancing with the Stars, and of course still decorating luscious desserts. When approached to compete in the Dancing with the Stars I gladly agreed. The benefit is for a wonderful cause highly support helping these in need. Also, I l o v e to dance and am excited and honored to participate in this  challenge.

p.s. I have my own GIF - google Flossing Granny for a sample of my dancing!


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