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jesse allen

                                                 About Jesse:

My name is Jesse Allen and I am the co-owner of AGL Properties and Impact Investment.  I am married to my beautiful wife Ryan Allen and we have three amazing children, Ashton, Gauge, and Lennox.  I have a passion for anything real estate and love teaching others how to grow both personally and professionally.  when I'm not coaching baseball, my hobbies are golfing, kayaking or anything outdoors!  Anyone who knows me will tell you I'm extremely optimistic.  It's easy to see all of the negativity in the world and what could go wrong in every situation, but at the end of the day ask yourself this one question, "what if it all works out?"  That question has transformed my life!  We have been so blessed by God in this world and without Him, none of this would be possible.  I'm excited for this amazing opportunity to give back to The BreakAway and the people that make all of this possible.


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