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erin wyatt

About Erin:

grew up in Knightstown Indiana with my grandparents, Caley and Martha Wyatt.  They faithfully took me to jazz, drama, tap, & singing lessons every Tuesday for eight years.  I loved the performing arts and did plays and musicals at the Guyer Opera House in Lewisville & with the Knightstown United Methodist Church. However, volleyball became my passion.  I was among the leading defensive specialists in the state of Indiana in 2003 and my Varsity team was ranked No. 3 in the state along with being the White River Athletic Conference Champions. I got to carry a wreath for Fallen Soldiers at Changing of The Guards in Washington D.C., and when Hurricane Katrina hit I served on a relief team with my youth group.  I also went to NYC right after 9/11, seeing the devastation at Ground Zero. I did all this before I became 18. 


During my senior year of high school, I started using drugs and alcohol. My relationship with loved ones went to the wayside, and I acted as if I hadn't been raised with Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  I thought all hope was gone for me. For twenty years, I carried on in this hopeless state of mind and body. At the age of 37, God saw fit to place me at The BreakAway & I came back to Life.  Because of the program & the loving care of the staff and mentors, I was able to gain sobriety for 15 months. I will continue down the path that I am on now.  My life is getting back to how it used to be before I started using.  Today I am the chair of The BreakAway Alumae, I serve dinner at St. Paul church on Wednesdays with Uplift Them, Inc.  I also get to be a sponsor to Women in Sobriety.  My job is at Bethlehem Packaging and they are very supportive of my endeavor with The BreakAway. My dream is to own a company with my husband Brian where we can do lawncare from sun up to sun down!  My favorite thing to do is spend time with my daughter Ryan having fun!

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