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                                             About Candice:

I'm Candice Ritchie, a realtor with a passion for turning houses into homes.  Beyond the world of real estate, I juggle the roles of a devoted mother, wife and proud grandma.

When I'm not closing deals or attending to my beautiful family, you can find me tending to our small farm that's bursting with life.  With sixteen chickens, three loyal dogs, two independent cats roaming around, and even two more adorable pet mice-there's never a dull moment.

Originally hailing from the vibrant city of Chicago where I embraced a shameless lifestyle, my incredible mom and two sisters came to Indiana for a fresh start.  Since then, life has been an adventure filled with growth and endless possibilities.

Thank you for taking the time to consider sponsoring me for such a wonderful even that makes such a difference.  Not just the lives of these women but their families lives, too.

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