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Brandy Corby

Brandy Corby is a business owner and hairdresser at Tranz4mationz Salon in Jeffersonville. Helping others feel beautiful from the inside out is a huge passion for her & getting to do that in her career is something she takes pride in. She also enjoys working out, visiting new restaurants around town, especially those that allow her lab puppies to join the fun, & listening to any local live music she can find. She has been married for 26 years to the love of her life, Russ Corby. They have two children, Haley (25) & Cole (21) & four furbabies (Roxy, Koda, Jax & Ally). She spends the vast majority of her time with her family & makes them participate in what she has coined “Corby Family Fun Time,” which consists of anything from game night to spending a weekend out of town. Family is everything to her, which leads to her reason “why” for supporting this incredible cause. Her brother, Kris, was in recovery programs that helped get him where he is today. He has grown into a successful business man & father & he makes her proud each & every day. She could not be more grateful for recovery homes like The BreakAway & looks forward to being able to offer support in any way possible. 


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