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Established in 2017, the BreakAway is a non-profit, residential facility for women in recovery from addiction. Located at 1514 E. Spring Street in New Albany, Indiana, the facility currently houses 14 women from Southern Indiana counties. Our dedicated, energetic, and competent Board of Directors, staff members, and volunteers are deeply committed to the mission of The BreakAway: to empower women, to confront addiction, to celebrate recovery.


The BreakAway opened its doors to women who need support in their recovery because of the vision of Lisa Long-Livingston, who has struggled with addiction herself.  Inspired by her own foundation in recovery, and in memory of her friend Nicole, Lisa moved forward with assistance from many community hands, developed a plan, located a suitable building, and created a program to serve women in Floyd and surrounding counties. Until the October 30, 2017, grand opening date, there were no recovery residences for women in Floyd County, Indiana. And, the few that do exist in Southern Indiana are overwhelmed with the need for services.


Our Southern Indiana community has seen a dramatic rise in the number of addiction related overdoses and deaths. According to the CDC, in 2016 there were approximately 80 deaths in the Southern Indiana Counties we serve. Yet, the number of available treatment options remains inadequate for those who need services. The BreakAway currently has a waiting list of 50 women in need of a residential facility to provide this type of support.

The BreakAway offers women with addictions hope for recovery. By understanding the addiction process and developing tools for abstinence, character building, and community partnerships within their 6-9 month residential program, our graduates can begin to lead productive, healthy lives.  The women are required to hold a job and participate in established programs such as Recovery Dynamics and the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous to help them reach these overarching goals. The BreakAway provides an abstinence-focused, safe, positive environment that allows recovery to progress. Research has shown that long term recovery facilities, such as The BreakAway, support recovery and lead to positive outcomes including:

    •                Decreased substance use

    •                Reduced probability of relapse/reoccurrence

    •                Lower rates of incarceration

    •                Increased employment rates


We know that achieving an addiction-free lifestyle is possible with the right support and care, and The BreakAway is dedicated to the mission of empowering women, to confront addiction, to celebrate recovery!

Marlena Manship  graduated from The BreakAway at the end of April 2018. When I first met Marlena, she was quiet and a little reserved. Now, she is much more confident, a great communicator, and a true leader!

Here are Marlena's thoughts on what The BreakAway has done for her. "I have the privilege of being one on the first people to graduate The BreakAway. I have been here since the first day they opened, which was October 30, 2017. We recently just got our graduation dates and I am beyond thrilled to have accomplished something so great! The BreakAway has changed my life tremendously! It has properly armed me with the facts about my disease, as well as my wonderful sponsor who I met after entering this program. This house has given me a second chance at life, it's given me hope, it's given me a God of my understanding that gives me the strength to fight my addiction each and every day! It's given me the opportunity to live in this world and not just exist, and for all these things I am truly forever grateful! It has helped me restore so many things that my addiction had destroyed. I am now a daughter, a mother, a friend and a child of God. All of these things I thought I would never be again. And through this program, the support of this house, and my higher power I have finally accomplished something so important to me, my daughter, and my family. This house has given me the recovery I've needed for so long! I am thankful for The BreakAway and everything it has given me!"

Marlena's smile gets a little brighter when she talks about her daughter, Reagan. I can't wait to see what the future holds for her!

Success stories like Marlena's is why our dancers are dancing.   Sonia

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